Thoughts on the Creative World

Creatives - the Voice of the Silent and Silenced 

As creatives, we have the unique ability to show the world around us how to look deeper, to what’s inside, to what is important… That’s us! WE move the world around us. 

As creatives, we have the privilege of giving a voice to the voiceless, a face to injustice and a visual to the things unseen. It is work that has been historically taken for granted, often ahead of its time and most certainly underpaid. But our reward, just like the masters before us lies in connecting our fellow man with that which is experienced, not seen. We are visionaries, movers, shakers - rule breakers. 

So stand tall and be proud of your gift because it’s your voice! Don’t ever let anyone discredit you because of your creative profession. We are here today not only as the next leaders in our chosen industries but the next history makers who will rise and do great and mighty things in this generation.

Let us never tire of using our gifts and abilities for good whenever we can. The world needs us more than ever. 

All good things,

Sierra Linn

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